Immersion + Empathy + Intimacy Project:

Intimate Sphere


With the purpose of amplifying the content with the illusion of a third party present, this piece is located in a hospital, where the viewer explores the mundane, yet morbid setting of the interior of a patient's room in the perspective of the “get well” flower. Static in one position, two encounters are occurring at the same time. The patient is discussing the financial situation of the insurance in juxtaposition to the slightly out of view encounter of the nurse conversation with one of the visitors.

The sphere-shape experience enables the viewer to be immersed in the environment of an hospital. The setting in question provokes familiarity and meaning to the actual morbid situation. Given the stationary position, empathy is implied. We are limited to one perspective, which is in relation to the patient's inability to walk and move around the space. In terms of immersion to the setting, we are closely positioned next to the patient’s bed and the tinted green color associated with the sickly. The quality of intimacy is portrayed in the distance of sound that we as the viewers and the patient experience. Meaning is emphasized through the necessary setting, encounters and people present. The visit joggles the viewers focus based on the conversation being carried out in the interior and exterior of the space.

(a continued series)